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Dhara kumar shastri – Canada

My daughter Mitushi was suffering from chronic bronchitis for 4 years, until we met Dr Premal Shah. We had consulted our family physician, senior most pulmonologist, they all prescribed bronchodilators and steroid medicines. But with these medicines there was temporary relief and again Mitushi’s health would get back to square one. Then I decided to stop these harmful medicines which were able to help little, Instead I inquired about other natural system to medicine and I came across homeopathy and gave it a try. I met Dr. Premal Shah at satellite who is known to my family. We continued the treatment for about two years and now Mitushi has no complain of bronchitis. Now we have shifted to Canada and weather here is very cold and Mitushi is enjoying the weather and she is perfectly healthy. Dr Premal has given us some medicaitions to be given in case of emergency, which when required are used with prompt results. Also I was being treated for allergic rhinitis by Dr Premal Shah, and now I don’t have much complains.

My personal opinion about homeopathy is very good especially for children as earlier I was struggling with Mitushi to take the medicine and now she is takes her medicines on her own. So we both are happy and healthy now, all thanks to Homeopathy and to Dr. Premal Shah.

Mr S. Singh

I am really thankful to Homeopathy and to Dr Varsha Patel for relieving me off these painful warts and corns. I had been having these warts on my finger tip and corns on my feet for years. I had visited dermatologist who prescribed me expensive ointments and lotions. The medications and lotions did not help but instead warts began to multiply and increase in size. I had also tried the painful methods of burning and cutting off these warts but they always came back. I was greatly disappointed but when Dr Varsha explained me how homeopathy works and assured that the warts will definitely go with homeopathic medicine. To my surprise when I started the treatment, within one weeks time 90% of the warts disappeared and many decreased in size. Within 3-4 months of follow up all the warts and corns have gone and they have yet not reappeared. Earlier I had no faith in Homeopathy but now I definitely recommend it to all my friends and relatives.

Sejal Milap Shah – U.S.A.

I took Homeopathic treatment from Dr. Premal Shah for my daughter Nitya. She suddenly had developed allergic cold and runny nose with redness of face and sometimes fever. Her nose used to get very red because of constant dripping of the nose. Every few days she would get these allergic cold and here in USA doctors did not want to give any medicines for the allergy. When I visited India I consulted Dr. Premal and continued treatment from him for just 6 months. Within this six month I have given medicines regularly to Nitya only for about 2 months, then it was as an when required. She has improved a lot and now has no complains of cold or runny nose. During her whole course of treatment Nitya had these allergic cold only twice and that also without fever. Nitya loves these tiny sugar pills and will remind it, now I am giving her general tonic for her proper growth physically and mentally, as advised by Dr. Premal Shah.

Mrs N. Shah

I was suffering from chocolate cyst in my right ovary and had painful menses. My gynecologist had suggested a small surgery to remove the cyst, but I was very scared to undergo a surgery. Then I consulted Dr Varsha Patel for almost a year and I have felt the gradual improvement. My menses became regular and gradually the pain eased out. After 6 months when I got the sonography report done, size of the cyst had reduced. Now I have no problem and have gone off the medications. Because of the cyst I was not able to conceive and now I am happy to mention that I am 4 months pregnant. I am grateful that Homeopathy and Dr varsha has helped me avoid a surgery and of course to have my first child. Thank you so much for all your guidance and help.

Alkaben Bindubhai Patel – INDIA.

GOUT – one of the most painful condition I have suffered in my life time. 3 years ago I had developed gout and the rheumatologist I consulted could not help me, they advised me to completely go off protein diet. But how long can I completely avoid protein as it is essential to have some amount of protein. They prescribed me painkillers which would give temporary relief. How long one can keep gulping painkillers? They too have harmful effects on our body in long run. Finally I decided to go with homeopathy as I know if it can’t help it will not harm me. Since last 3 years I am on homeopathic medicines. These tiny pills have helped me a lot, previously due to swelling in my finger joints I could not fold my fingers, but now I am doing my routine household works very easily without any pain. Thanks to homeopathy and thanks to Dr. Premal Shah. I strongly recommend you to go with homeopathy. Why to harm our body when there is such a wonderful safe medicine available.

Mrs A. Patel

I dreaded every winter, as in every winter or change of weather I used to get severe sinusitis. I could not do any work or take care of my 9 year old son because of the cold. I used to have severe headache and sneezing and my nose used to get blocked at night. I could not sleep and my whole life used to get disturbed. I also got operated for sinusitis but next winter I landed up with the same problem. I met Dr Varsha Patel in a family function and she advised me to try homeopathy. So I decided to give it a try and consulted Dr Varsha. She treated me for 6 months and I was so happy when winter came my problem was 80% better and I continued following her instructions and medication for the whole season. Then we stopped the treatment and Dr Varsha asked me to consult her only in case of emergency. The following winter my family planned a vacation in Kashmir and I was so scared to go for the trip fearing I may get the same problem again. But I enjoyed this vacation in Kashmir that also in winter without any cold, not even a single bout of sneezing. I owe it all to Dr Varsha and to homeopathy that I have got rid of this long standing sinusitis.

Mrs M Mevada

I would like to thank Dr Varsha Patel for her homeopathic and dietetic advice that I am able to walk without much pain. I am 55 year old and diabetic; I weighed 95 kg when I consulted Dr Varsha Patel. I had severe back pain and knee pain because of my extra kilos. I wanted to loose weight and get my diabetes in control as I did not want to get on to insulin or any allopathic medications. Dr Varsha helped me loose 10 kg with dietary advices and also my diabetes is in control and I don’t need to take medications for it any more. She also helped me with my knee pain and back pain with homeopathic medicines. Due to weight loss 50% of my pain had gone and remaining pain was relieved by homeopathic treatment. Now I need homeopathic medicines only when I have exerted a lot.

Mrs.S.J - Mumbai , India

At the time of commencement of the Diet plan my mother was having elevated levels of Blood sugar levels (Severe Diabetes.m) even though she was on Oral hypoglycemic drugs, regular exercise and a proper diet. The next step was to put her on insulin but she hated the idea.

So we contacted Dr.Varsha Patel and she provided her expert advice in Diet and Nutrition. My mother followed the diet for 1 month and we were all surprised to see the results her blood sugar levels have touched the normal range for the first time in 13 years.

We are very happy that that diet change made the difference. Dr. Varsha is a great person and a good Nutritionist. She has an excellent grasp in her subject and we owe her our sincere thanks and best wishes for a successful career.

D. Rosario - 34 yrs old female - New Jersey, USA

Since 2005 I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) as well as Fibromyalgia. The main symptoms are constant fatigue and pain in pretty much the entire body. I have explored many different ways to get better with no significant result.  About 3+ years ago I started homeopathic treatment which has helped me become a little more active. The pain and fatigue reduced by 25% but that is not enough - something more needed to be done.

Earlier this year, about 7 weeks ago I was referred by my Homeopath to Dr. Varsha. Consulting with her has been very easy. She set up a a nutritional plan that I follow daily. Since then I have found further improvement with the fatigue. What I like about Dr. Varsha is that she does not only just tell you what "not" to eat. Infact she tells you what you should/can eat and breaks it down by meal and snack time. This makes it so much easier to stick to the diet. The options are plenty and when you have questions she is available to clarify your doubts no matter how simple or silly the question may seem to you. I usually send her a quick email, chat online or sometimes a quick call to her gives me the answer I need. In addition we review and access my situation every 10 days to see if any changes are required.

Just 2 weeks ago, I got very sick with a brochial infection that left me very weak since I had lost about 10 lbs. I was unable to keep up with the diet but I did call Dr. Varsha to inform her of my illness and she told me what I needed to add to my daily diet and within a few days I started to feel a bit stronger. Now I have my strength back and once again following the diet as I should. I feel confident that by following the nutritional plan my health can only get better from this point on and hopefully that day will come sooner than I know it.

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