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We eat to live and not live to eat so what we eat is very essential to lead a healthy life. Diet is not just about eating food but is about eating right kind of food in right quantity and at right time. Here at EAT RITE we guide you to build a healthy eating habit and we give personal consultation and modify diet as per your needs to help you lead a healthy life.



1. Potatoes are fattening.
It's a myth that potatoes are fattening. Potatoes are starchy complex carbohydrates, Like other vegetables it is high in calorie if fried or if consumed in large quantities. Like other carbohydrates potatoes should be avoided at night.

2. Is zero fat diet the best way to loose weight?
No it’s a myth. Some amount of fat is essential to carry out normal functions in the body. Fat is required for absorption of fat soluble vitamins. One-third of your calories in your diet should come from fat.

3. Is it healthy to be a Vegetarian.
It’s a fact. Vegetarian diet enhances our immune system and thus reduces the risk of illness. Cutting out meat from your diet lowers the risk of cancer, obesity and diabetes. Also meat takes 30 – 32 hours to digest in human body and contains lots of toxins thus increases chances of infection.

4. To eat whole fruit is healthier then fruit juice.
Fact. It is healthy to eat fruits, but it is advisable to consume whole fruit as it provides fiber which is important for good health. Whereas fruit juice is high in calorie content and one tends to drink large quantities of juice.

5. Coffee is harmful for health.
Fact. Coffee contains caffeine which is addictive and also stimulates the nervous system, increases heart rate and blood pressure. Drinking more then 2 cups of coffee a day increases the risk of peptic ulcer, increases the burden on your kidneys. For hot beverage have herbal teas, green tea or simply drink warm water with lime instead of coffee.

6. Vegetarians need to take a multivitamin pill daily.
No it’s a myth. Vitamins and minerals are available in abundance in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grams and beans. They are in the purest form and easily absorbed in the body. Except vitamin B12 which is found in meat and dairy products and traces in sea weeds and soy. Vegetarians especially vegans (avoids dairy products) are advised to consume Vitamin B 12 fortified food like soy milk, vegetable oils and fortified cereals

7. Papaya if consumed during pregnancy causes miscarriage.
No it is a myth. There is no scientific evidence to support this theory. Papaya seeds has a substance which causes uterus to contract, but the seeds are any ways not consumed.

8. Nuts are fattening.
Yes, nuts are high in calories. These nuts are tasty and thus difficult to restrain from over eating. Nuts are high in mono-unsaturated and poly- unsaturated fats, known to lower LDL cholesterol and enhances HDL cholesterol. Thus daily intake of nuts in small quantities is healthy but over eating will lead to weight gain.

9. Brown sugar is healthier than white sugar.
It’s a myth. Brown sugar contains traces of minerals which is not significant unless brown sugar is consumed in large quantities.

10. High protein diet is recommended to loose weight.
True. High protein and low carbohydrates in diet is recommended to loose weight. Note:- Daily intake of protein should not exceed 0.8 gm of protein per Kg of lean body weight and 1-1.4 gm of protein per Kg of body weight for athletes.


1. Why one should not eat just before exercise?
During exercise skeletal muscles are activated and thus they need more blood supply. The blood supply to the stomach is reduced thus slows down the digestive process causing nausea, vomiting or uneasiness. It is best to eat 1 ½ to 2 hours before exercise.

2. Does timing of food makes a difference if I want to loose weight?
Yes it does, a large meals just before retiring to bed especially high in carbohydrates enhances fat storage. For weight loss one should at least eat 3 hours before going to bed and meal should be light consisting of salads, soups, and vegetables.

3. What are good fats?
Not all fats are bad. Some fats are essential like omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. These are available in flax seeds, sesame seeds, olive oils, nuts like almonds and walnuts. These mono- saturated and unsaturated fats enhances the HDL or good cholesterol. The calories available from any fat is same thus these good fat should be consumed in moderation.

4. Does liquid diet like juices, tea, coffee etc contributes to daily water intake?
No any thing that contains caffeine or sugar causes dehydration as it has tendency to draw water from the tissue, also it causes weight gain. The exceptions are herbal tea or green tea. Your daily intake of water should be 8-10 glasses of pure water.

5. Which oil is the healthiest for cooking?
The healthiest oils is the one which consists of mono- saturated and poly unsaturated fat like oil that is derived from sesame, mustard, flax seed, olives, sunflower and safflower. Avoild oils containing saturated fats like, ghee, butter, processed hydrogenated oils.

6. What are empty calories?
It is other name to describe junk food. Empty calorie is high in calories and low in nutrition, lacking in vitamins and minerals like – french fries, fried chicken, deep fried food, alcoholic beverages, candy, aerated cold drinks, refined grains, cookies, biscuits, white bread and white rice.

7. What are antioxidants?
Antioxidants are nutrients in food that prevents or slows the oxidative damage to the body. When our body cells use oxygen they produce free radicals which damages the cells, these antioxidants prevents and repairs the damage done by the free radicals. Antioxidants enhances the immune system, lowers the risk of diabetes, heart trouble, cancer and infection, they are available in fresh and bright colored fruits and vegetables, beans, grains.

8. What is basal metabolic rate?
Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the minimum energy used to keep a resting body alive. It includes maintaining the heart beat, respiration, maintaining body temperature and other autonomous functions. BMR approximately accounts to 1 kcalorie/kilogram (2.2 lbs)/ hour.

9. What do I do to prevent muscle cramps?
Muscle cramps is caused by muscle fatigue and build – up of lactic acid in the muscles. To avoid muscle cramps drinks at least 2 liters of water daily, it helps dispose the waste products from the muscles. Also deficiency of certain vitamins causes cramps, eating a banana daily helps reduce cramps.

10. Do you recommend the use of artificial sweeteners?
Artificial sweeteners are not recommended as they contain chemicals known to cause depression, anxiety and panic disorder in long run. Instead reduce intake of sugar or replace sugar with jaggary. If you want to have artificial sweetener steyia is recommended as it is natural and less likely to cause any side effects.

1. Folic acid should be taken at least 6 months before planning a pregnancy.
2. Take high fiber diet, will keep cholesterol levels and blood pressure in check.
3. To have healthy glowing skin drink at least 8-10 glasses of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetable.
4. Adequate protein intake and diet rich in minerals and vitamins is necessary for healthy, shiny, bouncy hair.
5. Avoid canned and processed food, they contain lots of preservatives that are harmful.
6. Kicking meat from diet helps cut the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.
7. Instead of eating 3 meals a day, eat 4-5 small meals to regularize blood sugar levels.
8. Substitute soya for other high protein drinks, it contains phytoestrogens that help prevent breast and ovarian cancers.
9. Bananas are good for hypertensives, they are high in potassium and low in sodium also are rich in fibre and thus restores normal bowel movement.
10. Avoid too much fibre as that can cause bloating and flatulence, consume lots of water along with a high fibre diet as it helps in forming a bulk.


1. People often over-eat to overcome feelings of boredom, depression, anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins or feel-good hormones, thus helps to distress.
2. Aqua aerobics, swimming improves muscle tone and strengthens injured joints and muscles.
3. Breathe consciously to improve mental health. If you are confused, anxious take a few deep breaths and confidence will be regained.
4. Never starve your self in order to lose weight. In starvation body stores more fat. Instead eat healthy and in moderation.
5. Practice meditation regularly, helps relieve stress, rejuvenates you and helps to improve your focus.
6. 2 hours of regular out door sports is essential to promote mental and physical growth in children.
7. Do not wash your hair more then twice a week. It weakens the roots of the hair.
8. Sleep early and wake up early keeps you energetic and elevates your mood.
9. Fasting once a week gives rest to gastrointestinal tract and thus improves the digestive system.
10. Avoid kneeling and climbing stairs if you are suffering from arthritis of knee joint.


At Eat Rite Dr Varsha B. Patel will guide you to eat right kind of food, in right quantity and at right time. Dr Varsha will give you a personal consultation but without your co-operation and support she can help little. Kindly select the consultation plan you wish to take.

Diet plan Treatment plan USA/Canada Europe/
Asia/Africa UAE India
Pregnancy 9 month $100 € 100 $ 75 AED 200 Rs 1500
Infant weaning plan 12 month $100 € 100 $ 75 AED 150 Rs 1500
Weight loss 4 month $85 € 85 $ 55 AED 200 Rs 1500
8 month $150 € 150 $ 100 AED 350 Rs 2500
12 month $280 € 280 $ 180 AED 575 Rs 4500
Weight gain 4 month $85 € 85 $ 55 AED 200 Rs 1500
8 month $150 € 150 $ 100 AED 350 Rs 2500
12 month $280 € 280 $ 180 AED 575 Rs 4500
Renal affections 4 month $100 € 100 $ 85 AED 275 Rs 2000
8 month $175 € 175 $ 120 AED 400 Rs 3500
12 month $300 € 300 $ 200 AED 600 Rs 5000
Cancer patients 4 month $100 € 100 $ 85 AED 275 Rs 2000
8 month $175 € 175 $ 120 AED 400 Rs 3500
12 month $300 € 300 $ 200 AED 600 Rs 5000
Diabetes mellitus 4 month $100 € 100 $ 85 AED 275 Rs 2000
8 month $175 € 175 $ 120 AED 400 Rs 3500
12 month $300 € 300 $ 200 AED 600 Rs 5000

USA/Canada Europe/Australia Asia / Africa UAE India
$20 € 35 $ 30 AED 50 Rs. 500

- Gout
- Weight loss
- Weight gain
- Healthy balanced diet
- Osteoporosis
- Lactose intolerance
- Festive diet plan
- Anemia
- Asthmatics
- Cellulite
- Constipation
- Hypertenstion
- Hyperthyroidism
- Hypothyroidism
- Liver disease
- Kidney affections
- Cholesterol
- Diabetes mellitus
- Infant weaning diet
- Pregnancy diet
- Acidity
- Ariboflavinosis vitamin B2 deficiency
- Barters syndrome, hypokalemia, potassium deficiency
- Beriberi, vitamin B1 deficiency
- Diet for cancer patients
- Chrons disease – ulcerative colitis
- Irritable bowel syndrome
- Kidney stones
- Depression
- Eczema or dermatitis any skin disorder
- Gluten intolerance
- Hypervitaminosis A
- Lactose intolerance
- Migraine
- Pellagra niacin deficiency
- Rickets vitamin D deficiency
- Scurvy vitamin C deficiency
- Wilsons disease
- Wernicks encephalopathy
- Zinc deficiency

Note : 10% discount to patients who are already our Homeotouch clients.


You can make payment by any of the following methods:
• PayPal
• You can also deposit a Cheque or Bank Draft


Kindly send us an email to confirm that you have agreed with the terms and condition and which consultation plan you have selected. The payment has to be done either through Pay Pal, or by depositing a cheque or a bank draft. Once we receive the payment we will send you a food recall form kindly fill in and send it to us by e-mail or post or by courier. When we receive the food recall form it will be analyzed within 2-3 working days and a diet chart will be mailed or couriered to you.

Note: Additional charges for the courier services will be levied. The courier charges may change depending on the country of destination.
10% discount to patients who are already our Homeotouch (Homeopathy) clients.

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