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Welcome to homeotouch


Homeotouch is an Online Homeopathic Consultation and Treatment purely based on Classical Homeopathic approach and is not bluntly symptomatic. We treat the patient and not just his disease, our only mission is to cure the patient gently and permanently without suppressing his disease condition.

Our Doctor's Panel:

DR PREMAL SHAH (consulting homeoapthic physician, dietician and pediatrician) 


• Honored Bachelors degree in Homeopathy i.e. B.H.M.S. (Bachelor in Homeopathy, Medicine and Surgery - a full five and half year course) from Ahmedabad in the year 2001 with first class
• INTERNSHIP of 12 months with posting in rural areas and in a well established homeopathic hospital – a rigorous training in managing patients with homeopathy
• Also attained C.N.C.C. (i.e. Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care) with distinction from IGNOU University. With a submission of 6 articles and journals.


• Worked as a full time medical officer from 2001-2002 at VATRAK GENERAL HOSPITAL – where I got maximum exposure to handle emergencies like snake poisoning , suicidal cases, pregnancies and deliveries, also had opportunity to manage post operative case and attend operative procedures. Had great experience in treating and managing variety of physiological or pathological disease conditions.
• Assisted renowned Homeopathic consultant of GUJARAT – DR BHASKAR BHATT from July 2002 –December 2002, there I got experience of managing and treating patients with classical Homeopathy. • Worked for the multi-specialty hospital named MEDISURGE HOSPITAL Ahmedabad from Jan 2003 –November 2003 – got opportunity to see indoor patients with various disease conditions.
• Worked for DR. HEDGEWAR HOMEOPATHIC MOBILE CLINIC (a unit of R.S.S.) from August 2003 –December 2006 – mobile clinic keeps changing location every day where I see and treat patients with acute and chronic conditions from every part of the city.
• Worked for HARI CHERITABLE TRUST as homeopathic consultant, Ahmedabad from July 2002- December 2002.


• Running a well established HOMEOPATHIC CLINIC since July 2003 at 3 places in Ahmedabad -Satellite, Saraspur and Paldi. Also treating patients across the world - CANADA, U.S.A, U.A.E., AUSTRALIA.
• Running a very successful HOMEOPATHIC MOBILE CLINIC since December 2006 in different locations of Ahmedabad twice a week.
• Running a HOMEOPATHIC MEDICAL PHARMACY since July 2006 where homeopathic and Biochemic medicines are available and supplied to the clients in whole sale and retail.
• AAYUSH HOMOEO PHARMACY - Manufacturing homeopathic medicated hair oil and specially formulated shampoo for best lustrous growth of hair and relief of various hair related complains.
1. Attended various seminar and workshop :
• Dr G Vithowlkars on Case Taking and Theory of Chronic Disease in 2000
• Homeopathic workshop in the form of 10 sessions series by Dr. Bhaskar Bhatt Ahmedabd from July 2005 to December 2005.
• 15th All India Homeopathic Scientific Seminar – 2007
• All India Homeopathic workshop on Cardiac conditions and its Homeopathic management for two days at Gandhinagar held by GOVERNMENT OF GUJARAT in 2006.
• Theory of suppression by Dr. Praful Vijaykar at Rajkot in 2006.
• Lectures on Miasm by Dr. Rajan Shankaran at Baroda for 3 days in 2007.
• Regularly attending various seminars at Ahmedabad from HMAI.

2. Articles published:
• Two articles on Dentitional disorders and Homeopathic management in Vision journal from Rajkot in 2005
• Presented a cured case of recurring Bronchitis in HMAI workshop in 2006



• Masters in Human Nutrition (MMedSc Human Nutrition)
University of Sheffield                                                          From Sep 2003 till Oct 2004
Sheffield, UK

• Bachelors in Homoeopathy, Medicine and Surgery (B.H.M.S.)
With internship of 1 year (6 months rigorous training in hospital and 6 months posting in rural area)
Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College                         From Oct 1996 to May 2001
Gujarat, India


• Nutrition Consultant (Weight trackers program) with Goldshield Health Care Pvt. Ltd. From Jan 2008 till 2nd Feb 2009. Weight trackers is a program designed specifically for weight loss, here I had an opportunity to design personalized diet chart keeping in mind the disease conditions and body type of each clients and assuring desired weight loss.
• Practicing as a Homeopathic consultant in Mumbai since Feb 2005. Dealing with Acute and Chronic cases and its management with Homoeopathic medicines.
• Practicing as a Nutritionist since Feb 2005. Dealing with various disease conditions and maintaining diet according to the need of the patient.
• Created data for Diet and Nutrition section for web site:
• Worked as consultant Homeopath with renowned Homeopath Dr Jawahar Shah from Jan 2003 till Aug 2003 and Feb 2005 Feb 2009. Here I got experience of managing and treating patients with classical Homeopathy.
• Worked as a Research assistant with Dr Jawahar Shah in Mind Technologies from Feb 2005 to Dec 2007. Here I got a chance to learn various newly proved Homeopathic medicines and its applications in clinical practice.
• Worked as a Medical officer at Ruchi Hospital from may 2001 to Aug 2001 and from Aug 2002 to Dec 2002. Dealt with the various aspects in General surgery, Gynecology, Neonatology (NICU), Skin diseases and renal diseases.
• Voluntary associated with Medical camps organized for health awareness in Gujarat India for the year 2001.
• Assisted in a Pharmacy in London UK, from Nov 2004 to Jan 2005. Acquired knowledge of allopathic medicines.

1. Attended seminars (homoeopathy)

• Dr G Vithowlkars on Case Taking and Theory of Chronic Disease in 2000
• Dr Praful Vijaykar on Suppression of Skin Disease in 2002
• Dr Jawhar Shah on Miasms in 2003
• Dr Praful Vijaykar on Rubrics of Mind in 2003
• Dr R. P. Patel on Cancer in 2006
• Dr Rajan Shankara on Case analysis based on theory of pants, animals and mineral kingdom in 2007
• Workshop on Back pain and Osteoporosis in 2006
• Work shop on HIV in 2007

2. Research project on children with Auditory Processing Disease (APD) for 6 months, A double blind clinical trial, supplementing with Long Chain Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids. Thesis on this research is compiled as a part of my curriculum in MMedSc Human Nutrition.

3. A library based project on preventive effect of curcumin (ingredient of turmeric) in colorectal cancer. This research article was written as a part of my curriculum in MMedSc Human Nutrition.


• My first and only mission is to help the sick and to bring about permanent cure and restore the sick to health without suppressing the disease.
• To build a Cancer hospital where all modes of treatment – Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, other Naturopathy and Allopathic treatment is made available to the patient.

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